waterboywaterboy2Hi Joy,

I am so grateful to have found such a great companion.  I adopted, “Waterboy” last Febuary.  His new name is Sandler and he is the biggest love bug!  He gets along with everyone.  I bring Sandler everywhere with me.  He has more Aunties than any dog I know and a few people have wanted me to give him to them, but he’s mine to stay! He loves camping, kids, other dogs, the beach, hiking, canoeing, swimming of course (he has his own pool), and going to the barn with me. He’s so obsessed with water that I can’t keep him out of the horse water trophs when I bring him to the barn.  Its hysterical! I have a horse that Sandler “walks” for me by taking his leadline.  Its the cutest thing!  You were right on when you said he was a goofball.  Where ever I go he’s by my side or on my lap!  Thanks so much!