I thought this was a great day to write and tell you how Mandy is doing:)

She is a real member of the family now.  I take her to doggie daycare twice a week for 4 hrs each day, because she just loves playing with dogs.  They tell me she much prefers to play with the “big” dogs!!

We re-finished our garage space so that Mandy has a real “playroom” when we are at work .  She loves toys and bones, and long walks.  She gets along famously with neighborhood dogs and my son’s very large dogs:)

She still gets car sick, but we only take her to places in the neighborhood.  We found a local groomer who does not crate the animals, so Mandy can play there also.  I bought a carrier for her in the car, and she does much better in that.

She is eating well now, altho food is not her priority…toys and other animals are her priorities.

I want to thank you for letting us have Mandy.  She is bringing such joy to our home.

Laurie MIdgette