I am sending you some pictures of Luna, previously known as Naomi mastiff mix.  She has already become part of the pack with her other sisters and brother, cats are still not too sure about her.  She is learning to run a lot better previously could not keep up with the long haired Chihuahua she is too fast for her.  She sleeps in the bed with me and the others, but she is growing so fast I might have to get her a bed soon and she snores really loud.  Luna is growing so fast she no longer fits in the small tub I use to bathe them, after only one month.  First thing she learned when she came to the house was to lie down on the sofa, my dad scooped her up and straight to sleep she went (first picture).  She has become a very happy puppy and will soon begin leash training; my dad (the veterinarian) said not to start her to early since it put too much stress on her young joints.  I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity you guys gave me to adopt her, she has made our home complete again even the Chihuahua is happy again to have a friend to play with and boss around.  Thank You Heydie
P.S. I would send you a picture of her when she is fully grown.