Hi Joy…how are you? just going thru my old mail and I see its been a while! I know you deal with a lot of animals, so to refresh your memory..”Sinbad” was a white Siberian husky you brought to our house in Savannah in July 2010..we re-named him Diefenbaker, and he is doing great! (do you remember?) he and our white kitty are inseparable, and I walk Dief almost every day after work…the yard was completely fenced in after Dief moved in..then concrete was poured under the fence once he started digging holes (his favorite pastime…he buries EVERYTHING!) I finally found a fantastic harness for him that he can not wiggle out of from “Walk Your Dog With Love” (check it out!) and now I have even started to take him into the Nursing Home where I work to do pet therapy! My husband Raymond is home most of the time with Dief when I am working, and he spoils him with treats from the kitchen. H e IS a needy dog, very timid, but I think he has come along nicely. He also is NOT afraid to express his opinion on things! (very vocal)And when I call him to come inside, if he does not want to come, he turns his head away from me, closes his eyes, and pretends not to hear  or see me! Luckily for him, he has a big dog house with comfy cushions, and he mostly does this on cold nights when the moon and stars are out….in the morning he paws at our bedroom window to come in, tho.  Thank you so much for matching us with  our dog…and please come visit us whenever you are in Savannah!    Berkeley Grady