Just wanted to drop you a line to give you an update on how Swazy is doing, I adopted him from you last fall. He has turned out to be the best dog any pet owner would ever dream to have. He is fun, loving, playful, non-aggressive, extremely intelligent, and thankful to us that we have given him a loving home. I am getting ready to adopt another chocolate lab from Screven animal rescue so that he will soon have a girlfriend and playmate. Swazy is now up to 80 lbs and healthy as an ox. Swazy and our cats hit it off just right, in fact, Swazy and Lexi play (chase) with each other every day. Lexi will chase Swazy then Swazy chases her back but neither of them try to hurt each other they just run and play. Well that’s about all, just though you might like to hear how one of your adoptions turned out.