Hi There.

Just wanted to let you know that Nuggette, the puppy we adopted last June is still doing awesome.  She has the sweetest personality and is such a snuggler.  She seems to have topped off at 26 pounds, and since Cyrus is @ 70 lbs, to us she is a tiny little thing. lol, my sister in law has a chihuahua mix and another little dog, so they laugh every time we talk about how tiny Nuggette is – so I guess it is a matter of perspective.

I can’t believe that we are coming up on one year since we got her. I think that our official adoption date was June 20, 2013.  We could not be happier to have her in our family, and look forward to many more happy years with her.  Thank you for everything you do for the kind souls who can’t speak for themselves.

We will be bringing up some more bags of dog and puppy chow as soon as we have a free moment. Is there anything specific that you are in need of in addition to food? I am saving up blankets and once I get another stockpile of them I will bring those too, but let me know specifically what y’all need so that I can get something useful.

Thank you,
Tammy Pollock